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What We Do

We offer full Car AC system inspection, including: Car AC Gas Refill, Car AC Leak Repair, Car AC Recharge, Car AC Maintenance

CAR AC MAINTENANCE can include a variety of tasks ranging from small to large-scale. Everything from an annual inspection or performance check to diagnosis and replacement of car AC system components can be completed by a qualified car AC mechanic. Regular inspections help ensure cooling efficiency and identify possible refrigerant leaks.
While a car AC system is sealed, leaks can still occur. When that happens you need a car AC recharge, which includes:

- Recharging with additional refrigerant to bring pressure up to specifications
- Introduction of fluorescent dye to visually reveal system leaks
We will examine your car AC system to see if there is a leak - and if there is, we'll stop it in their tracks before it can affect anything else. Our services include Car AC Leak Detection and Car AC Leak Repair.
With our mobile car AC repair service, AC check includes a visual inspection of the Car AC system and a temperature measurement at the vents.
With our mobile car AC repair service, Car AC refill includes removing the refrigerant from your vehicle to get rid of built-up impurities. The process ends with adding new refrigerant to replace the old fluid.
We offer the best Mobile Car AC repair services like car AC compressor repair, fixing refrigerant leaks and more - at affordable prices.

Mobile Car A/C service offers expert car A/C services throughout Dubai. We suggest that your car should have A/C service every year, which includes evacuating the refrigerant and replacing the lubricating oil, as well as carrying out a regular system maintenance. Regular car A/C maintenance will save you money over time and provide a cooler driving environment in the summer months.

Mechanics at Mobile Car A/C service have many years of experience and can diagnose any issue with any brand of Car A/C unit you have installed in your vehicle. Our car A/C services include:

All Repairs. Service. Parts. Installation of new A/C systems
Regas/Retro Fitting with Ozone Friendly Gas
Compressors. Evaporators. Condensers.
Hose & Piping repairs
Custom Design & Modification
12V & 24 V systems
Rooftop and Under-Dash Units
Effective car A/C maintenance in Dubai will ensure your comfortable driving throughout the year.

Our Services

Below are some of the many mobile car A/C services we offer:

Visual inspection of air conditioner components
Outlet temperature analysis designed to determine cooling performance of the Car A/C
Check system pressure readings
Recommendations of correct diagnostic service to troubleshoot area(s) of concern
Introduce ultraviolet dye and 5 ounces refrigerant injection into your Car A/C system to perform a black light inspection and ensure that your Car A/C is leak-free
Car A/C System Leak Evaluation
Environmentally safe evacuation and recovery of old refrigerant and recharge to proper specifications
Inspection and adjustment of drive belt tension
Cleaning of condenser fins of debris and dirt
Check of proper operation of controls, blower motor and engine cooling fan
Inspection of hoses and belts for indication of wear or potential failure
Inspection of Car A/C system leaks
Blower fan and Car A/C compressor inspection for proper operation
Verification of freon levels and Car A/C system pressure checks
Recharging your auto with freon to meet Car A/C system pressure specifications
Verification of correct air conditioning vent temperature
Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure

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Keeping cool in Dubai is no sweat with the mobile car AC Service.

MOBILE CAR AC SERVICE comes to your location, anywhere in Dubai, to help with the AC system in your car, truck, or commercial vehicle.

We strive for quality, honesty, and integrity in performing the correct car AC maintenance and repairs at the most competitive prices, just like we would expect on our own vehicles.

Since our Car AC service is fully mobile, we will come to you and service your car AC on-site in any location in Dubai.

Mobile Car AC service is useful all year round - especially in this climate! Stay safe, call us and be ready whatever the weather.